Nireas Apartments in Acharavi

Maisonnette Apartments for 4-6 persons in Acharavi

Two Levels Aparts  for 4  to  6 Persons.

This is top of our range of ‘NIREAS’ Apartments-maisonettes, occupying the first and second floor of their building block. On the first floor there is one air-conditioned bedroom,a bathroom  and a sitting room with a kitchen corner,and a satellite TV. On the second floor, there is one air-conditioned roof-top bedroom and a bathroom The two floors connect with an interior staircase and balcony in full view of the sitting room, while the wooden roof-top creates a cosy environment. These apartments accommodate between 4 and 6 peoplewhere 2 people sleep in the sitting room on a couch that turns into two beds.

The Maisonette – Apartments are located in the 1st and 2nd floor of the corresponding building block. In particular:


- BUILDING 1 CASA AGAVE Maisonette B3 and Β4 1st and 2nd floor
- BUILDING 3 CASA ARETUSA Maisonette Α3 and Α4 1st and 2nd floor
- BUILDING 5      


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