Virtual Maps and Diagram

Building 1 - Casa Agave

Ground Floor Plan containing the two One bedroom aprts Numbered BI + B2 2/4 persons

Plan of the 1st and 2nd Floor containing The apartments Maisonnette Numbered of apartments B3 + B4 4/6 persons.

Ground Floor Plan containing The two One bedroom aprts numbered A1+A2, 2/4 persons

Plan or the1st and 2nd Floor containing Two apartments Maisonnette numbered A3+A4, 4/6 persons

Ground Floor Plan containing one Bedroom apart numbered C3, 2/4 persons

Plan 1st and 2nd Floor containing two apartments Maisonnette Number of apartments C1+C2, 4/6 persons

Building 2 - Casa Melita

One Studio Numbered of  Studios C, 2 persons, 2 Apartments Numbered A+B, 4/6 persons

1st floor plan containing Two  Studios numbered E+F 2 persons, One  Apartment numbered  D, 4/6 persons

Ground Floor Plan containing 1 Floor Studios numbered 2, 2 persons

1st Floor Studios numbered 1, 2/3 persons, 2 Apartments numbered 3 and 4, 4 persons

1st floor plan containing 1 Studios numbered 7, 2 persons, 2 Apartments numbered 5 and 6, 4 persons

Sea front studio