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Pastitsada rooster from Corfu

This is a variation of the original recipe I learned from my grandmother, but for me is better than the original. Go heavy on the garlic and the oil, this is not a light dish!
Take a wild rooster (1kg), 1lt of wine,take away all the feathers of the bird ,cut it in portions and marinate it for 24h in a vessel with white wine 3 carrots and 3 onions , then take it out and star  fry it in a pan in olive oil until it is golden brown. 
In the same oil, fry 1 big, finely chopped garlic ,some rosemary , sage and 7 leaves of laurel. Add a small quantity of the wine with the carots and the onions and allow it to evaporate to make the onions soft and mushy. Repeat until is over.
Add a stick of cinnamon and let it simmer until the meat is tender.
Add  4-5 fresh grated tomatoes ,a spoon of sugar and two of milk (for the tomato acidity) salt and pepper or better some chili's and let the sauce boil down until the oil becomes visible and the tomato is totally melted.
Serve with any kind of pasta, but preferably hollow spaghetti, and grated hard cheese like "Parmigiano".